Wellness Coaching is one on one support that encourages employees in achieving their best self. An employee and wellness coach work together to design a program that fits their personal needs, values, and vision to help people overcome challenges that prevent them from reaching their wellness goals.
A wellness coach may use inquiry or reflection to help you identify personal wellness goals and develop action plans to achieve those goals. A coach holds the you accountable by monitoring your progress toward achieving your action plans. The wellness coach often acts as a human mirror by sharing unbiased perspectives. Coaches provide the tools to empower you to reach your goals.
You are responsible for your own achievements and success. You take action, and your coach may assist, but never leads or does more than you. Therefore, a coach cannot  promise you that you will take any specific action or attain specific goals.
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This is a free service offered to employees and spouses/domestic partners on the EMHS Employee Health Plan.

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