Wellness at Work


We know healthier people are happier employees and when you can be a company that offers that type of balance through a meaningful and comprehensive wellness program you have more productive and loyal employees. Our Wellness Programs are designed with you in mind, we bring together data, insight, and actions in order to personalize a wellness plan tailored to best support your employee’s population.


Our wellness teams are local, we live, play, and work in the communities we support. Our participation rates are high as we engage employees in biometric screenings, health risk assessments, and wellness programs. Our partnerships are paying off as we are decreasing the health risk of many employees.


Health not healthcare is our goal. We have demonstrated success in offering high quality convenient

biometric screenings to thousands of Mainers across a large geographic area. That’s where we start

building relationships and engaging people in their health - this is a key step in empowering people to start making changes for a better healthier future. We are experts at analyzing our biometric screening data and using it to develop programs that specifically focus on areas that employees need the most.


We are really good at partnering with people to support attitude and behavior changes that bring about a healthier lifestyle. Supporting better health for Maine employees is good business for all of us, we’d welcome the opportunity to partner with you to offer a wellness program your employees will use and quickly come to value.


What We Do


·        Biometric Screenings

·        Health Coaching with certified health coaches

·        Group programs to establish a wellness community for additional support

o   Weight Management

o   Diabetes Prevention

·        Tobacco Cessation Program

·        Provide education and inspiration

·        Assess strengths and productively work through barriers

·        Establish a workplace that encourages environmental and social support for a healthy lifestyle

·        Encourage employees’ personal and professional productivity, and physical and mental well-being


How We Do It


·        Offering onsite screenings

·        Offering four modalities; health coaching, weight loss, tobacco attestation, and diabetes prevention

·        Hosting educational classes

·        Focusing on nutrition, physical activity, tobacco attestation, and stress management

·        Encouraging and supporting partnerships with health and community providers

·        Increasing awareness of factors and resources contributing to well being

·        Inspiring individuals to take responsibility for their own health

·        Supporting people in making healthy choices

·        Targeting interventions based on biometric data

·        Building a community support group to increase accountability and partnership

·        Combining telephonic and face to face meetings in order to build relationships and provide guidance support that best meets the needs of our clients

·        Making individual assessments in order to provide recommendations that support a healthy lifestyle



For more information email us at beaconwellness@emhs.org. We would love to hear from you!