Kevin Dunton

When the going gets tough, I work out than hangout with my family! Wellness is a very dynamic beast, you can’t accomplish it by doing one thing. It requires a 360 view of yourself and your life.

It starts be identifying your values, what’s most important to you. For me that’s easy, my wife, sons, friends, health and fitness, and career, once you figure that out its easy!


I know I’m a better husband, dad, friend, and employee when I feel healthy and strong, so I built a home gym.  It means I can fit exercise into my day much easier. It makes finding time to do things my family loves to do easier too, like camping and being on the water fishing, tubing, and boating.

I get a great deal of satisfaction and continued motivation from my clients too, it’s energizing when you watch people learn to believe in themselves and reach their goals. 

I’ve been a certified personal trainer for more than 15 years and I like to couple that with wellness coaching to help guide people on their fitness and overall wellness journey. My approach encompasses all aspects of health!