Our Northern Light Employee Health Plan is provider-led. We are proud of our strong foundation of collaboration that we believe supports more personalized consistent care with our members. 

For portal access please contact your organizations Provider Portal Administrator. If you do not have an administrator or don’t know who they are, please contact Beacon Health at You will be contacted with access information within 48 hours of request during normal business hours. The fields we will need to process your request are: TIN, Email address, Contact #, First name, Last name, Title.

Out of Network Provider Disputes
For OON Provider Disputes: If your claim is subject to the Federal No Surprises Act, you may contact our Customer Service at (855) 429-1023 or e-mail to initiate a 30-business-day open negotiation period for purposes of determining the out-of-network rate.  If the 30-business-day open negotiation period does not result in an agreement on the out-of-network rate, you may initiate the Federal IDR process within 4 days of the end of the open negotiation period.