Preferred and In-Network Providers

You can choose from the providers and hospitals you know and trust.
Please allow the list to completely load. With more than 7,000 providers it can take a minute. Any key strokes during this time will slow down the process. Thank you.

What if I don’t see my provider on the list? 
That can mean one of two things: Either they are not In-Network and Out-of-Network rates will apply, or they have not yet formalized their contracts with us.
How do I find out if they are in the process of formalizing contracts?  
If your provider is on our list, any covered service will be processed at the coverage level indicated (Preferred or In-Network).
If you don’t see your current provider listed, please reach out to them and have them get in touch with us at Our goal is to support the continuity of your care during this transition.
  • Please be patient using the searchable list, it takes a minute to load.
  • The blue highlight denotes contracting is complete and now credentialing is in process for that provider
  • If you want more information about providers on the list, please click the eye icon to the left of their name