Meet Our Health Coaches

Jennifer Fitzpatrick

Jennifer Fitzpatrick

I believe that a positive attitude plays a huge role in our overall enjoinment of life. For me, I can never be at my best self because I can always be better.

With a husband, two young children, and two Labrador retrievers it would be easy to let my needs fall to the wayside, however it’s important that I prioritize myself in order to set a good example for my family and coworkers. What I love about being a Beacon Health wellness coordinator is getting to spend my days working alongside some of the most amazing people, reminding them how they deserve to feel good and take time for themselves. When I have the privilege of working with someone I get a front row seat as they recognize their value and achieve their wellness goals! When I can reflect back to someone what they are saying in a way that helps them set achievable goals and then support each step of the way, that’s a powerful way to live your life.
Living my life as an example helps people see anything is possible when you prioritize and give yourself permission to be healthy.

I try to get a goodnight’s sleep, manage my stress, eat good food, stay active and spend time with my family. For me it’s more than just improving your diet and exercising although those are two big pieces to the puzzle. It’s about achieving all aspects of wellness which is fulfilling and creates a good quality of life and this is unique to each of us.

Kevin Dunton

Kevin Dunton

When the going gets tough, I work out than hangout with my family! Wellness is a very dynamic beast, you can’t accomplish it by doing one thing. It requires a 360 view of yourself and your life.

It starts be identifying your values, what’s most important to you. For me that’s easy, my wife, sons, friends, health and fitness, and career, once you figure that out its easy!


I know I’m a better husband, dad, friend, and employee when I feel healthy and strong, so I built a home gym.  It means I can fit exercise into my day much easier. It makes finding time to do things my family loves to do easier too, like camping and being on the water fishing, tubing, and boating.

I get a great deal of satisfaction and continued motivation from my clients too, it’s energizing when you watch people learn to believe in themselves and reach their goals. 

I’ve been a certified personal trainer for more than 15 years and I like to couple that with wellness coaching to help guide people on their fitness and overall wellness journey. My approach encompasses all aspects of health!

Lynn DeGrenier

Lynn DeGrenier

Being and staying active for myself and my family is my goal, always has been. Health and fitness are the cornerstones of my life  and have been for as long as I can remember.

I prioritize a work life balance and try to help others realize that goal. I know it’s not always easy, with the high demands on our time from work, children, school, friends, and countless other things. I think if we're flexible we can find creative ways to fit exercise, healthy eating, and time for people and giving back into our lives.

For me having a good plan is key to keeping balance in my life. I pack a lunch for work every day (helps keep healthy options at my fingertips), I take early morning classes at my local gym to push me harder (I get a discount on my membership through the Beacon Wellness Network), and I get outside all year to kayak, bike, snowshoe, and ski.

I also place a high value on maintaining friendships and giving back to organizations that reflect what’s important to me like the Orono Bog Boardwalk, Safe Medicine Disposal, and the American Red Cross Sound the Alarm campaign.

As a wellness coach, I focus on educating and encouraging people to make well-informed choices to improve their quality of life and live a healthier lifestyle, I believe I’m living proof it’s possible!